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Downhole Motor
Down-hole motor is a positive-displacement motor. The high pressure fluid enter into the motor , making the fluid converted into mechanical energy, and the motor drive the principal shaft and bit rotating to drill.

We can supply a complete line of drilling motor ranging from 2 3/8OD to 11 1/4OD, different types and specifications, such as ABH (adjustable bend housing) and oil based mud or high temperature etc. We also can design and manufacture according to customers, special requirements:

1. Bent down-hole motor: The bent angle on the universal axis can fit curvature of kicking off, Single-bent and double-bent are available.
2. Bent angle adjustable down-hole motor: The bent angle of the down-hole motor can be adjusted on well surface, which enhances the extension of the kicking off.
3. Extended down-hole motor: On the basis of common downhole motor, the torque can be increased with the step increasing for the motor, the bit drilling quickly.
4. Hollow rotor downhole motor: The adoption hollow rotor for different sizes of hard alloy jet nozzle can increase the inputting flux and horsepower of drill bit.
5. High kick-off downhole motor: The curvature of kicking-off can achieve 1"/m with the particular design, the shortness length of the whole and adjacent bend to the bit.
6. Saturated saltwater mud resistant downhole motor: The special coating layer of rotor has stronger ability of corrosion and wear resistance, enabling the downhole motor to work for a long time in saturated saltwater mud.
7. High temperature downhole motor: The resistant temperature of motor can achieve over 150C by the using of excellent resistant temperature rubber in the stator, With the ability of the resistant temperature rubber in the stator, the requirement of the deep-well, up deep-well and high temperature grads areas drilling can be satisfied.
8. Sealed transmission shaft down-hole motor: Converting the mud sealed to the oil sealed of transmission shaft, this improves the condition of thrust axletree and radial axletree, make the whole downhole motor life long.
Downhole Motor Specification and Parameters

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